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Finance Clubs



Through our partnership with BVH members gain access to exclusive online courses and prestine Networking opportunities. The leaders of the individual finance clubs meet regularly and know each other well, opening the doors to Germany-wide cooperation and grand events!

You have finished your studies and would like to remain a part of the network? 

Sign up to the BVHPro alumni-program!

Who can join?

All SBM-Members, who have completed their studies or are about to finish.

What advantages does BVH Pro provide?

Throughout Germany, local BVHPro hubs are being established where members can exchange ideas with each other.

With their own events and an exclusive members’ portal, you have the opportunity to expand your network.

Do I need to cancel SBM Membership?

No, that’s not necessary. You can continue to support us and join the BVHPro network. For this, you can opt for dual membership. The best part is that you get the BVHPro membership at a reduced price: 60€ instead of 80€ annualy.

More infos: BVHPro