Policy analyses, fact checks, news and expert opinions on the latest economic developments.
Macrotrends offers a stock screener with over 50 performance and fundamental criteria, 50+ years of historical stock price and dividend data, 10 years of quarterly stock fundamental data and much, much more. Data! Data! Data!
Every company has a story. Learn the playbooks that built the world’s greatest companies. Acquired brings perfect good-night tales to business-nerds.
You got the banking internship? Good for you! Here is an invaluable book that will prepare you nicely for the coming challenges. Learn from professionals!
Stock Analysis has everything you need to analyze stocks, including detailed financial data, statistics, news and charts.
The all Time Classic! If you want to develop a healthy mindset for investing, look no further. The Intelligent Investor is a classic for a reason.
A board-certified Texas trial lawyer, Jefferson Fisher knows how to persuade and communicate effectively in high-conflict situations.
This website has the mission is find the most interesting and educational charts with rich historical data, and to make these charts available online.
Visual Capitalist is a fun way to explore not only finance, but the whole world. It is a treasure chest for any chart fanatic, map enthousiast or number-nerd!
A pioneer in the field of self-help, Dale Carnegie distilled his experiences as a salesman and lecturer in his first guide to successful speech-making, The Art of Public Speaking. Its direct, practical advice for emphasizing ideas for easy comprehension and high impact is invaluable.
As the founder of Eeagli, I combine my passion for data visualisation and investment writing to create compelling and engaging content for the financial industry.
David Nihill knows too well how terrifying public speaking can be! In this talk, David shares how the key principles of stand-up comedy can be applied to your speaking engagements and presentations to make you funnier, more interesting, and better looking. (Or at least two of the three.)
This channel is a great way to stay on top of relevant economic developments around the world.
Street of Walls is a fantastic way to get into Investment Banking, Hedge Fund, Private Equity, Consulting, and Quants. There you can find detailed introductions, interview questions, case studies, career tips and much more!
Geopolitical Strategist Peter Zeihan is a global energy, demographic and security expert, always providing great insights.
Economics News & Education In its efforts to make its policy decisions more accessible to the public, the ECB has created a great educational podcast. You can also listen to the Presidents speeches and latest policy decisions here.
Understand the importance of information advantage and how to elicit it. It is more of a guide on detective work, than on investment, which makes it stand out from other books on investment advice.
Detailed Company Filings The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a U.S. federal agency responsible for regulating the securities industry, enforcing securities laws, and protecting investors. Its EDGAR database is a great source for company filings, such as annual or quarterly reports.
Anthony Cheung, the Chief Content & Culture Officer at AmplifyME and Podcast Host regularly posts about great insights into financial markets and career advice.
Arguably the only service Yahoo! outclasses its peers at. If all you need is a quick overview of a companies trading data or financials, Yahoo! Finance has your back. The news feed is also great!
UVA Law adjunct professor Jim Donovan, vice chairman of global client coverage at Goldman Sachs, discusses what it takes to become an effective investment banker during a talk at UVA’s Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy.
Gods at War brilliantly analyzes the legal issues, the politics, and the players in high-profile merger and acquisition transactions. Steven Davidoff is a master of the tactics and rules of deal-making, and he has once again shown why he is one of the country’s most respected legal writers.
An awesome channel with great research and tons interesting topics for history & tech nerds!
justETF is the largest ETF platform in Germany and leading in Europe. justETF offers DIY investors guidance and tools around investing with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
Patrick Winston’s How to Speak talk has been an MIT tradition for over 40 years. Offered every January, the talk is intended to improve your speaking ability in critical situations by teaching you a few heuristic rules.
Investing by the Books is a podcast to educate aspiring investors. The hosts Eddie Palmgren and Niklas Sävås believe books are an excellent source for timeless knowledge, enhanced through deep conversations with authors and other guests.
This podcast with Anthony Choung offers a lightweight and easy way to get into market research. Stay updated on major M&A deals, earnings season, fiscal policy and much more and learn how these factors influence stock markets.
Does money really make you happy? In this episode, I’m joined by the brilliant Arthur Brooks, who is helping me answer this age-old question and offering insights into the complicated relationship between wealth and well-being that might surprise you.

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