John Sebastian Mickein
Filip Kermetchiev
Patricia Rueda Redondo

Responsible for organization and execution of 30+ events, John was instrumental to reviving SBMs public affairs and is an important cornerstone to the clubs network.

Filip assists in the organisation of events and reaches out to potential partners.

Patricia rallies the team for efficient event organisation and networks for the club.


Santino Stelter
Juwon Song
Johnpaul Imeogu

Since 2024 Santino impresses with great engagement and past expertise, making him a great President of SBM.

An ambitious and IBE student with a  great fable for finance matters, Juwon runs the Treasury at SBM.

A business man at heart, Johnpaul brings many valuable skills to the table, especially in IT matters.


Georgeta-Anastasia Ignat
Nikita Samojlenko
🇩🇪 🇷🇺
Kristina Alikina

Georgeta joined the marketing department in a time of great need with the determination to give the club a face.

Nikita is a dedicated and hard-working economics student with a fervent passion for marketing. He is committed to advancing the growth and success of the club.

Kristina was responsible for reviving SBMs social media appearance after the pandemic.

Hall of Fame

Vincent Vollmer
Tobias Töpfer
Maximilian Kirchmann
Philipp Bergner
Yi Yang Kuo

Vincents IT skills have become indispensable for SBM, as he revived and fully digitalized SBM during the covid drought.

Kept SBM finances ordered and intact throughout the covid pandemic and instrumental in keeping the wheels turning during transitions.

The guardian of the treaty! Having run the club as VP, Max then dedicated two years as legal advisor to SBM.

Philipp was VP of the SBM during the covid pandemic.

A loyal member of SBM, Yang was in charge of finance and HR matters for a year.

Bingqing Zhou
Valerii Amosov
Giovanni Anghinoni
Naira Andresian
Anton Ostashov

Bing! Bing! Bing! Binquing has created dynamic and modern looking trailers and posts throughout her tennure at SBM.

Instrumental in reviving the clubs trading and research culture, providing the SBM analyst team with leadership for the first time in years.

Member of the SBM Analyst Team 2023.

Member of the SBM Analyst Team 2023.

A great explorer and passionate event manager, who helped organize keynote and keep records to establish a feedback loop.

We are the Student Finance Club Magdeburg (SBM), a well-established organization with over 30 years of experience.


Our club organizes seminars, expert discussions, and excursions featuring distinguished speakers on a variety of economic topics such as taxation, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), financial accounting, and much more.


We offer multiple workshops throughout the year, providing essential skills for those interested in finance. Our workshops cover public speaking, Excel proficiency, career coaching, and other valuable topics.


Our initiative brings together individuals passionate about finance to exchange information and ideas, joining being a fantastic opportunity to meet people with similar interests and values, expanding both your knowledge and professional network.