2024 Student Council Elections

In the of all internationals at OVGU, we would like to ask you to vote for Juwon Song.
Finding friends, jobs and workshops is increadably hard for internationals.

Opportunities are limited and English communication needs greater priority.

Lets make this university truely international!

Keynote & Job Opportunity

27.06.24 | 5pm | G22A-208

An expert financial advisor guide on:

  • Financial services available in Germany
  • Optimise income and build wealth
  • Government subsidies and other benefits
  • Full/Part time job opportunities

M&A FDD Workshop

5th-9th & 12th-16th of August| 5pm-9pm | G22

Do you think that after all these exams, wouldn’t it be nice to finally learn something actually important for your future profession? Then you are in luck! In this 5 day workshop you will gain professional experience in:
  • Microsoft Excel
  • M&A Buy-Side Due Diligence
  • Financial Modelling, Accounting & Company Valuation


RollsRoyce || Quality Control || Internship

Rolls Royce Solutions Magdeburg GmbH is hiring dedicated working students with strong Excel editing & programming skills, to work on Operation Process Improvement and Operation Economics projects. The project goal is to streamline department processes- and economics by building Excel models for KPI calculation & reporting.
Sorry, too many applicants at the time

SBM || Analyst || Volunteer

What kind of finance club does not have an analyst? Oh no, thats us! Help SBM rectify this issue and represent us on Germany-wide stock pitch competitions and case challanges!
Apply here

SBM || Content Creator & Marketing || Volunteer

Are you constantly up to date on the latest finance news and would like to share them? Would you like to create your own educational format? Are you a passionate writer or blogger? If "yes" is your answer to any of these questions, then you are a born content creator!
Apply here

SIMP-SON || Buddy || Volunteer

Build a strong network on campus, help newcomers settle in, be a reliable friend, organize and take part in university events, improve your language and people skills, ...

Why would you not join SIMP-SONs Buddy-Program?