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Interview Training

Street of Walls is a fantastic way to get into Investment Banking, Hedge Fund, Private Equity, Consulting, and Quants. There you can find detailed introductions, interview questions, case studies, career tips and much more!
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Facts & Figures

Visual Capitalist is a fun way to explore not only finance, but the whole world. It is a treasure chest for any chart fanatic, map enthousiast or number-nerd!
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Quick Finance Overviews

Arguably the only service Yahoo! outclasses its peers at. If all you need is a quick overview of a companies trading data or financials, Yahoo! Finance has your back. The news feed is also great!
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Detailed Company Filings

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a U.S. federal agency responsible for regulating the securities industry, enforcing securities laws, and protecting investors. Its EDGAR database is a great source for company filings, such as annual or quarterly reports.
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Gauge Market Sentiment

Want to know what the masses think? No source beats CNN on that front!
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Portfolio Performance

Your bank or broker does not feature propper investment evaluation tools? Fix that asap!
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A Calender for your Dividents

Getting dividents feels awesome! This feeling is only surpassed by the anticipation of dividents.
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A Wonderful View of all your Portfolios

Track your assets across several portfolios managed by different brokers.
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A Propper ETF Screener

If you are into ETFs, you'll be into ExtraETF.
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Harvard Professor Reveals the Worst Thing To Do with Your Money

Does money really make you happy? In this episode, I’m joined by the brilliant Arthur Brooks, who is helping me answer this age-old question and offering insights into the complicated relationship between wealth and well-being that might surprise you.

Stock Analysis

Stock Analysis has everything you need to analyze stocks, including detailed financial data, statistics, news and charts.


justETF is the largest ETF platform in Germany and leading in Europe. justETF offers DIY investors guidance and tools around investing with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

The Making of an Investment Banker, Jim Donovan

UVA Law adjunct professor Jim Donovan, vice chairman of global client coverage at Goldman Sachs, discusses what it takes to become an effective investment banker during a talk at UVA’s Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy.

The Peter Zeihan Podcast

Geopolitical Strategist Peter Zeihan is a global energy, demographic and security expert, always providing great insights.

Money & Macro

Policy analyses, fact checks, news and expert opinions on the latest economic developments.